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If you want to organize a birthday party, a presentation, a special event or you want to impress your partners with an unforgettable evening, Ramayana is the place you are looking for. With a capacity for 100 people, divided in intimate booths, Ramayana can host any kind of event and can offer services from A to Z: food & drinks, sound, photographer, DJ and everything you need.

You organize an event at another location and you need a splash of color and exoticism? There's no problem: Ramayana will help you bringing your guests the best teas and delicious products accompanied by excellent services!

Our team will help you shape up your event in the smallest details taking into consideration your budget and desired menu.

In addition, we can provide:
Exceptional cakes and cookies
Music and sound
Indian dance
Consultancy for any original idea you have in mind for your event!

"I chose to celebrate my birthday at Ramayana. I had 12 guests and we stayed in the green alcove downstairs. The poofs and gave us a sense of intimacy and comfort that you can have only at home. The atmosphere was very pleasant and no one felt out of place, unlike a stiff table where you can only communicate with the person beside you.
Our hosts created an intimate atmosphere and the waiter call button allowed us to have a prompt, but only when needed serving. I had an unforgettable birthday and everyone had a great time until dawn"
- Magdalena, Bucharest

"We started to organize our group meetings at Ramayana because absolutely all of our lecture club members felt free to express themselves and the space allowed us to sit in a circle and discuss even better than in 1001 nights" - Liviu, Bucharest

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